Putting your home on the market these days requires a lot more than sticking a sign in the ground, taking a few cell phone photos and saying lots of prayers. Home buyers have so many options to search for that perfect property. We are experts in helping to market your home so that the buyers not only find it, but they want to see it. The buyer might drive by and see the yard sign. Or they might search on Zillow or HAR.COM. A friend could share a Facebook or Instagram post about the listing. Bottom line, we take pride in showcasing your home with fantastic HDR photos, aerial drone photos and Matterport 3D tours, so that when your home does land in front of a prospective buyer – they want to see it before someone else snags their dream home.

Here are some examples of our marketing platforms from previous listings.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Long before the days of COVID-19 and social distancing, the Chelf Realty Team was showcasing our listings with Matterport 3D Virtual Tours. At one point, these coveted tours were reserved for the million dollar homes. We didn’t think that was fair so, we invested in the camera and technology and made it available to all our selling clients.

We’ve been ahead of the curve for a few years. We discovered that buyers watch the virtual tours before an actual visit to the home. They skip the homes that don’t meet their needs. This results in fewer showings – but the scheduled showings are from serious buyers that are basically confirming what they saw in the tour. Remember, the goal isn’t to get hundreds of people through your house. The goal is to get one – or several awesome offers to consider!

Matterport Tour

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photography adds a unique perspective to property photos that wasn’t really available until a few years ago. Higher elevation photos allow us to showcase the size of your yard, and to show the location in relation to the subdivision, freeways, etc. As long as you’re not within 5 miles of an airport and the FAA allows the drone to take off, we try to shoot a few drone photos of your property.

Aerial Drone Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography creates images of your home that look more like what you see with your eyes. You’ve seen the house photos where the windows look like bright white boxes. Or worse yet, you’ve seen the cell phone photos that are so dark that you almost can’t tell what the room is. With our photos, you can see out the windows and you can see more of the highlights and shadow details. Take a look at our gallery. We bet you’ll love our photos!

For Sale Sign


The rusty metal signs don’t do justice for your lovely property. If the HOA allows it, we use 6 foot, freshly painted, wooden posts to advertise that your house is for sale.

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